Our Area

Makgabeng Farm resides close to the Blouberg mountain and is also connected to the Makgabeng Plateu. The Blouberg Mountain is one of the greatest rock-climbing areas in South Africa and popular for its sheer 350 m “Moonshadow” wall. The Makgabeng Plateu is a 250 square kilometre stretch of cliffs and red sandstone rock formations

Makgabeng Farm lies on the south of Blouberg mountain; the mountain range derived its name from the first missionaries and white settlers to inhabit the area because of its hazy blue mist from a distance.  The main inhabitants of the Blouberg are the Hananwa, with some groups of Batlokwa and VhaVenda. The Bahananwa are the natives of the Bahurutse of Botswana who eventually went on to settle in South Africa. When their battle with the boers broke out in South Africa, some of the Bahananwa fled to the Makgabeng Plateau where they built a life and depicted their experiences in rock art which still exists today.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience these sites during their stay and hear insightful stories about their origin and the ancients that these sites were a home to.