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Our rock art tours along the Makgabeng Plateau are a journey of discovery into the lives and culture of the San, Khoi and Hananwa tribes. This is a unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Africa’s ancestors and gain insight on their mythology, culture, spirituality, legacy and rituals. While receiving the stories depicted in the large concentration of rock art paintings, you get to experience the fascinating geological formations of the Makgabeng Plateau that these ancient tribes lived in thousands of years ago.

Guests can choose between a half day or full day tour. All tours are accompanied by a guide. Click here to ask us about your preferred tour.


Get a history lesson about the arrival of the missionaries in the Blouberg area and how this impacted the area and influenced religious practices. This tour includes a visit to significant landmarks such as Liepzig Mission Station, Monyebodi Mission Station, Leprosy institute as well as Helen Franz Hospital, which was the first hospital established in the area by Helen Franz.



hiking  at  the Blouberg mountain is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The starting point of the hike is the rustic Blouberg camp situated below the Blouberg mountain. Because this ancestral land is sacred, it is believed hikers will feel the effect of natural therapy by walking  barefoot when reaching  the yellow wood forest.  The hike is facilitated by a local guide who is also there to impart knowledge about the fauna and flora that can be found along the trail. Porters are available to carry your luggage at a minimal fee.


The hiking expedition along the Blouberg mountain is not complete without a visit to a cultural treasure- a tour and stay at the village nestled at the top of the mountain. This is where the Hananwa culture can be experienced in its pure and original form. Visitors can explore the village, stay with the families, participate in the daily chores of the families, prepare and share meals. The entertainment for the evenings is the folklores that are shared around a campfire.



Pay a visit to the Blouberg Nature Reserve where some of the most rarely seen birds in the world can be spotted. The reserve is home to 230 species of birds like the crested guinea fowl, ground hornbill, a variety of raptors as well as the Cape Vulture which is a threatened species in Southern Africa. During the winter season especially, the vultures can be seen within close range at the vulture restaurant where they come to bathe at the waterhole and feed on the carcass when provided.



Our resident aromatherapist, Lorraine, is available to rejuvenate your mind and body with a spa treatment that is plant-based. Lorraine is a qualified therapeutic aromatherapist and certified herbalist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council. Visitors can receive natural replenishment from her practice and methods of treatment which are informed by her wide knowledge of indigenous medicinal plants inspired by her love for nature.